Terrarium Orchids

  • Dracula carlueri

    Dracula carlueri

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Costa Rica - Species White flower is suffused with pink near the center - sepals are coated with soft white hairs on the inside and curl inward along the margins - vigorous grower that blooms profusely. Mature.

  • Dracula lotax

    Dracula lotax

    Warm - Potted - Ecuador - Species Fuzzy white clown-faced flower has a red spot in the center - tails are dark red - 4 inch grassy leaves - miniature - good for home grower - not as humidity sensitive as most Draculas. Mature.

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  • Dracula ripleyana

    Dracula ripleyana

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Costa Rica - Species Petite flower has ivory base color with purple suffusion in center - flat flower has long dark red tails - robust grower. Mature.

  • Dracula simia

    Dracula simia

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species - Mature Named for the clear monkey-faced flowers - these large flowers are red-brown marked with white - snowy white lip.

  • Dracula venosa

    Dracula venosa

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Ecuador - Species - Mature Cupped flower is flecked with orange-red - out-turned yellow tails - very floriferous - vigorous clumpy plants. Mature.

  • Encyclia polybulbon 'GC'

    Encyclia polybulbon 'GC'

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Central America - Species - Mature Starry flowers are yellow suffused with purple - large white lip - easy to grow, vining miniature has potential for good specimen plant - fragrant. Also known as Epidendrum polybulbon

  • Lepanthes ballatrix

    Lepanthes ballatrix

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species Ten inch plants are rapid growers - attractive white and orange flowers bloom on the underside of the 3 inch lanceolate leaf - plants blooms sequentially for many weeks. Mature.

  • Lepanthes cloesii

    Lepanthes cloesii

    Cool to Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature 2 to 3 inch plant with paddle shaped leaves -large showy flowers bloom successively on wiry arching inflorescences.   Miniature plant with large showy dark red boat shaped flowers –...

  • Lepanthes martineae

    Lepanthes martineae

    Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature 2 inch plant with paddle-shaped leaves - wiry pendent spikes produce large 3/4 inch wide open flowers.

  • Ludisia discolor

    Ludisia discolor

    Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Southeast Asia - Species - Mature The typical form of this lovely, easy to grow terrestrial Jewel Orchid- dark velvety leaved are veined in bright pink. Can grow as a houseplant in potting mix and has no winter rest.

  • Masdevallia leptoura

    Masdevallia leptoura

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species Multiple spikes of several yellow and white flowers variably dotted with red - 5 inch plant is easy to bloom - fragrant. Mature.

  • Masdevallia paivaeana

    Masdevallia paivaeana

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Bolivia 6 inch plant with climbing habit - yellow, pink and white flowers are fuzzy inside. Mature.

  • Pleurothallis adeleae

    Pleurothallis adeleae

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - Species - Mature Up to four large red flowers dangle from the base of the elongated heart shaped leaf - the lateral sepals are fused and resemble a parachute - mature plants may reach 15 inches.

  • Pleurothallis eumecocaulon

    Pleurothallis eumecocaulon

    Intermediate - Potted - Costa Rica & Panama  IN FLOWER! 4 to 5 inch plant with slightly folded dark green oval leaves - starry slightly cupped crystalline white flowers have a dark purple spot on lip - blooms often and repeatedly from same leaf...

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  • Pleurothallis grobyi

    Pleurothallis grobyi

    Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Honduras Many sprays of light yellow flowers adorn this 1 inch plant - blooms several times a year. Mature.

  • Pleurothallis maduroi

    Pleurothallis maduroi

    Intermediate - Potted - Panama Large showy pink flower is born in succession on top of shiny heart shaped leaf - often blooms with two flowers at the same time - rapid grower - uncommon - divisions. Mature.

  • Pleurothallis tridentata

    Pleurothallis tridentata

    Intermediate - Potted - Peru  Four inch plant has lovely heart-shaped leaves - crystalline yellow flowers bloom in succession at base of each leaf - great terrarium plant. Mature.

  • Restrepia brachypus

    Restrepia brachypus

    Intermediate - Potted - South America - Species Yellow flower striped with red appear from behind leaves - each leaf can bloom multiple times throughout the year. Mature.

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  • Scaphosepalum breve

    Scaphosepalum breve

    Intermediate - Potted - South America IN BLOOM! 4 to 6 inch plant with paddle shaped leaves. Sequential bloomer, constantly in bloom. Flowers are dark red in the center and bright yellow fused sepals. Mature.

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