Here are some care sheets:

Care for Newly Purchased Plants

Care for Mounted Plants

AOS Care sheets: (Be sure to check if the species needs different care from what's on the sheet) 

Cattleya care sheet

Dendrobium care sheet

Masdevallia care sheet

Miltonia care sheet

Odontoglossum care sheet

Oncidium care sheet

Paphiopedilum care sheet

Phalaenopsis care sheet

Stanhopea care sheet

Tolumnia care sheet

AOS Care sheets website link

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Suggested Books on Orchids:

  • Understanding Orchids - by William Cullina - This is the new basic guide we've all been longing for - Congratulations for a job well done, and thank you!
  • Masdevallias; Gems of the Orchid World - Mary E. Gerritsen and Ron Parsons - Timber Press
  • All About Growing Orchids - Ortho Books, San Ramon, CA 94583
  • Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids - Alex Hawkes, Faber and Faber Limited, London.
  • Cultivated Angraecoid Orchids - Hillerman and Holst, Timber Press.
  • Exotica - Alfred Graff, Roehrs Company, Inc.
  • Home Orchid Growing - Rebecca Tyson Northen, Simon & Schuster.
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids - Alec Pridgeon, Timber Press.
  • The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species - Bechtel, Cribb and Launert, the MIT Press. 
  • A Masdevallia Cultural Guide - William Ames Rhodehamel, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Miniature Orchids - Jim and Barbara McQueen, Timber Press.
  • Miniature Orchids - Rebecca Tyson Northen, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company.
  • Native Colombian Orchids - Colombian Orchid Society, Compañía Litografica Nacional, S.A.
  • Native Ecuadorian Orchids - Calaway H. Dodson, Rodrigo Escobar R., Compañía Litografica Nacional, S.A.
  • Orchids of Venezuela - Dunsterville and Garay, Botanical Museum of Harvard University.
  • Thesaurus Dracularum - Carlyle A. Luer, Missouri Botanical Gardens.
  • Phylogeny and Classification of the Orchid Family - Robert Dressler, Dioscondes Press.
  • Thesaurus Masdevalliarum - Carlyle A. Luer, Verlag Helga Koniger, Munich.
  • A Treasure of Masdevallia - Carlyle A. Luer, Missouri Botanical Garden.

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