Dendrobium Latouria species and hybrids


These are a collection of mostly compact plants that are notable for their long-lasting and easy flowerings and their ease of culture in NorthEast USA/East Canadian homes.


Latouria section Dendrobium orchids are distinguished by having somewhat stiff leaves that are present only at the tip of the stem (sometimes called canes) and bloom in short sprays of long-lasting creamy flowers just above the leaves on any mature stem multiple times over their lifetime, leading to large clouds of flowers as the plants become well established.

Some well known orchids in this section are Dendrobium aberrans ( a tiny plant only 3 in/7 cm tall) which has small white flowers, or the hybrids Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga and Micro Chip, both originally hybridized by H&R Nurseries in Hawaii.

Basic Culture:

-You'll want to keep it in medium light; a bright East or West facing window or a shaded South facing window work best.

-It should dry between watering, which should be about once a week to every 4 days depending on the environment.

-Once a month you should fertilize it using a dilute solution of balanced fertilizer.

-During the winter, unlike some other Dendrobiums, it won't need any rest, so continue watering normally. These are an evergreen orchid, so it shouldn't lose all its leaves, and continues to grow in the winter, if slower than in other seasons.