In-Spike Orchids

  • Coelogyne fimbriata

    Coelogyne fimbriata

    Intermediate - Potted - India - Species - Mature 1 inch pseudobulbs are accented by paired 2 ½ inch leaves - light yellow flowers sport a finely fringed chestnut veined lip - climbing - fragrant - multi-growth plants. Scent reminiscent of...

  • Doritaenopsis Queen Beer

    Doritaenopsis Queen Beer

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Hybrid -Mature In bud (multiple spikes)! A compact Phalaenopsis hybrid with hot pink flowers and a spotted lip. This cross between Doritis pulcherrima and Phalaenopsis Meteor is a great gift or starting point for a...

  • Dracula carlueri

    Dracula carlueri

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Costa Rica - Species White flower is suffused with pink near the center - sepals are coated with soft white hairs on the inside and curl inward along the margins - vigorous grower that blooms profusely. Mature.

  • Encyclia garciana

    Encyclia garciana

    Intermediate - Potted - Venezuela - Species - Mature 10 to 12 inch plant with 3 to 4 inch flattened elongated pseudobulbs bearing an individual leaf - single non-resupinate flower appears at junction of leaf and pseudobulb - cream flower is heavily...

  • Masdevallia leptoura

    Masdevallia leptoura

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species Multiple spikes of several yellow and white flowers variably dotted with red - 5 inch plant is easy to bloom - fragrant. Mature.

  • Oerstedella centradenia

    Oerstedella centradenia

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Costa Rica   TIGHT BUDS! Long lasting flowers in clusters of lavender-pink at apex of reed stem growth - plant forms many flowering keikis and quickly becomes a nice specimen plant - blooming size seedlings in two...

  • Pleurothallis stricta

    Pleurothallis stricta

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador Full of Spikes and Buds! Attractive 6 inch plant has red tinged new growths - tall showy sprays of elongated maroon flowers emerge from base of each leaf - clumpy plants bloom often. Mature.

  • Scaphosepalum breve

    Scaphosepalum breve

    Intermediate - Potted - South America IN BLOOM! 4 to 6 inch plant with paddle shaped leaves. Sequential bloomer, constantly in bloom. Flowers are dark red in the center and bright yellow fused sepals. Mature.

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  • Scaphosepalum verrucosum

    Scaphosepalum verrucosum

    Intermediate - Potted - Colombia IN BUD! (formerly S. octhodes) 4 inch paddle-shaped leaves - long inflorescence of yellow horned flowers bloom consecutively all year. Mature.

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  • Zootrophion atropurpurea

    Zootrophion atropurpurea

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Ecuador 4 inch stems are clothed in papery sheaths - glossy ruby red turtle-head flowers bloom from base of 2 inch ovate leaf - floriferous. Mature.