We frequently sell large blooming orchids at the greenhouse and at shows. These are all easy care orchids and a great idea for gifts. We also can add a decorative pot to the orchid(s).

Phalaenopsis Summer Rose

Phalaeonopsis Little Gem Stripes

Phalaenopsis KV Charmer

Phalaenopsis OX Black Mask

Phalaenopsis Haur Jih Fancy

Phalaenopsis Chi Yueh Botany

Phalaenopsis Younghome Golden Pixie


Oncidium Gold Dust

Oncidium Rosy Sunset

Oncidium Twinkle 'Red Fantasy'

Beallara memoria Khun Krairit

Wilsonara Fueo

Cymbidium Street of Gold


Dendrochilum cobbianum

Oerstedella wallisii

Dendrobium serratilabium

Dendrobium auriculatum

Angraecum calceolus

Dendrobium infundibulum

Dendrobium formosum



Here are couple of orchids we've bloomed in the greenhouse over the years:


You can email or call us to ask what we are currently carrying and place an order.

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Delivery Rate: $2 per mile, up to 20 miles from 20 Sherwood Road