Here is a list of all the orchids J&L Orchids has available for sale online. They are sorted in alphabetical order by default. You can search for an orchid at the top of the page near the menu. Also be sure to check out the Orchid of the Month in the homepage.

  • Aerangis fastuosa

    Aerangis fastuosa

    Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - Species Small phalaenopsis like plant with round olive green leaves - large white flowers with fabulous night fragrance - a very attractive miniature.

  • Aerangis jacksonii

    Aerangis jacksonii

    Intermediate – 2 in. Net Pots – Uganda – Species - seedling Uncommon species in cultivation – ladder-like growth habit with unequally bilobed dark green leaves – arching sprays of 1 inch sparkling white flowers – pale...

  • Angraecum didieri

    Angraecum didieri

    Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - Species EARLY SPIKE Large starry white flower with a long spur and a spade shaped lip dwarfs the dark green stiff leaves on this 2 inch miniature - night fragrant. Mature

  • Angraecum distichum

    Angraecum distichum

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted & Mounted - Africa - Species - Seedlings Snowy white spurred flowers bloom along sides of beautiful overlapping leaves - 2 inch seedlings with 3 or more growths - mature plant makes beautiful specimen in or out of bloom...

  • Angraecum magdalenae

    Angraecum magdalenae

    Intermediate - Net Pots - Madagascar - Species - Seedling Large, white flower and night fragrant. Thick, olive green leaves have a light texturing start folded at their base and open flat. 2 inch pots.

  • Barbosella cucullata  (formerly longipes)

    Barbosella cucullata (formerly longipes)

    Intermediate - Potted - Ecuador - Species - Mature Large individual 1 ½ inch yellow flowers bloom simultaneously on 1 ½ inch stems - 2 inch narrow leaves grow in attractive tuft. As a heterotypic synonym of Barbosella cucullata, this...

  • Broughtonia domingensis

    Broughtonia domingensis

    Warm to Intermediate – Clay Pots – Hispaniola and Puerto Rico – Near Blooming Size Small compact plant with leathery dark green leaves occasionally spotted with purple – leaf margins are finely saw-toothed – 12” to...

  • Bulbophyllum barbigerum

    Bulbophyllum barbigerum

    Warm to Intermediate - Potted - West Africa - Species - Blooming size This rare and unusual Bulbophyllum has flattened pseudobulbs that hug the substrate - inflorescence blooms sequentially with dark maroon flowers - highly fimbriated lip moves at the...

  • Bulbophyllum biflorum

    Bulbophyllum biflorum

    Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Southeast Asia - Species Elongated light yellow flowers bloom side by side from this 6 inch plant - distinctive four angled pseudobulbs - dorsal sepal has a long thread-like appendage. Mature.

  • Bulbophyllum hirundinis

    Bulbophyllum hirundinis

    Intermediate - Potted - Southeast Asia - Species 2 1/2 inch plant with short creeping rhizome - umbels of spidery orange and yellow 2 inch flowers resemble fireworks display - easy grower with spectacular flowers.

  • Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

    Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

    Warm - Potted or Mounted - Thailand - Species Dorsal sepal and petals are burgundy - laterals sepals are light yellow spotted with burgundy and curl forward to make a point - hairs on side lobe of lip add to interest - easy to grow. Mature.

  • Bulbophyllum oblongum

    Warm to Intermediate – Mounted – India - China – Species - Blooming Size Also known as Trias oblonga.  1 ½ inch plant has squashed, gooseberry-like pseudobulbs topped with a single 1 inch, dark-green leaf – blooms are...

  • Bulbophyllum pectinatum

    Intermediate – Mounted – Southeast Asia – Species – Blooming Size 2 inch plant has ½ inch olive shaped pseudobulbs, each with a single oval leaf – compact growth habit – 2 inch inflorescence holds the...

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  • Bulbophyllum repens

    Warm to Intermediate – Mounted – China – Species – Blooming Size 2 inch plant with smooth fat elongated succulent leaves – 3 inch infloresence is densely flowered in a cone shape with dark purple flowers – resembles a...

  • Bulbophyllum sandersonii

    Warm to Intermediate - Potted or Mounted – West Africa – Species – Mature 1 inch four sided pseudobulbs are topped with pairs of light green 3 inch oval leaves – snake-like 8 inch inflorescence is thick and fleshy with flowers...

  • Bulbophyllum thiurum

    Bulbophyllum thiurum

    Warm - Potted or Mounted - Malaysia - Species - Mature 4 inch, yellow flower shaped like a wind chime. From lowland swamps in Malaysia. Compact grower with small pseudo bulbs and leathery leaves. Spring bloomer. Mature.

  • Bulbophyllum vaginatum

    Bulbophyllum vaginatum

    Intermediate to Warm – Potted or Mounted – Southeast Asia – Species – Mature 4 to 6 inch plant has a wandering growth habit – 4 inch inflorescence has a cluster of creamy white filamentous flowers - resembles an exploding...

  • Cattleya aclandiae

    Cattleya aclandiae

    Warm to Intermediate - Net pots, Baskets, Clay pots - Brazil - Species - Seedling Pairs of thick leathery oval light green leaves atop narrow cane-like pseudobulbs – 6” to 8” plant when mature – large waxy flowers are long...