Miniature Orchids

  • Bulbophyllum barbigerum

    Bulbophyllum barbigerum

    Warm to Intermediate - Potted - West Africa - Species - Blooming size This rare and unusual Bulbophyllum has flattened pseudobulbs that hug the substrate - inflorescence blooms sequentially with dark maroon flowers - highly fimbriated lip moves at the...

  • Bulbophyllum hirundinis

    Bulbophyllum hirundinis

    Intermediate - Potted - Southeast Asia - Species 2 1/2 inch plant with short creeping rhizome - umbels of spidery orange and yellow 2 inch flowers resemble fireworks display - easy grower with spectacular flowers.

  • Cadetia taylori

    Cadetia taylori

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Australia - Species Slender succulent green leaves atop straight stems - tufted appearance - 1/3 inch crystalline white flowers with velvety contrasting lip - fragrant - 3 to 4 inch plant. Mature.

  • Cleisostoma arietinum

    Cleisostoma arietinum

    Warm - Mounted - Southeast Asia - Species - Mature Tubular leaves in a vandaceous structure with branched sprays of small, pink and green flowers. Unique plant habit makes this extremely attractive to grow.

  • Dendrobium cucumerinum

    Dendrobium cucumerinum

    Intermediate to Warm - in Net Pots - Australia - Species - Near Blooming Size Small, bumpy, pickle-shaped leaves on short rhizomes . Starry cream flowers are striped with maroon and bloom in clusters. Allow to dry between watering. Also known as...

  • Dendrobium lichenastrum

    Dendrobium lichenastrum

    Intermediate - Mounted - Australia - Species - Mature Miniature, shiny oval ½ inch succulent leaves creep along substrate - striped flowers are offset by orange lip - flowers more than once a year. Distinguished from the variation prenticei by...

  • Dendrobium linguiforme

    Dendrobium linguiforme

    Cool to Intermediate - in Net Pots - Australia - Species - Mature (also Dockrillia linguiforme) Interesting, wandering, succulent foliage with thin, white flowers. Fragrant blooms, easy to care for.

  • Encyclia polybulbon 'GC'

    Encyclia polybulbon 'GC'

    Intermediate - in Net Pots - Central America - Species - Mature Starry flowers are yellow suffused with purple - large white lip - easy to grow, vining miniature has potential for good specimen plant - fragrant. Also known as Epidendrum polybulbon

  • Haraella retrocalla

    Haraella retrocalla

    Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Taiwan - Species - Mature IN BUD! Insect-like heavy textured yellow flowers are accented by a deep garnet blotch at the center of a large fringed lip - 2 inch plant blooms sequentially several times a year - sweet...

  • Holcoglossum nujiangense

    Holcoglossum nujiangense

    Intermediate - Mounted - China - Species - Mature Compact plant with terete leaves, one to five flowers on a short inflorescence. Showy, with red and yellow accents on an otherwise white flower.

  • Isabelia virginalis

    Isabelia virginalis

    Intermediate - Mounted - Brazil - Species - Mature Small pseudobulbs are completely covered with fibrous netting - single needle-like leaves - miniature, light rose, Cattleya-shaped flowers are borne singularly.

  • Laelia briegeri

    Laelia briegeri

    Intermediate Cool - Potted - Brazil - Species - Mature Bright yellow, large flower held aloft the small plant with thick, succulent leaves. Likes a rapidly drying medium, reduce watering in the fall and winter, but keep from shriveling. Warm bright...

  • Lepanthes cloesii

    Lepanthes cloesii

    Cool to Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature 2 to 3 inch plant with paddle shaped leaves -large showy flowers bloom successively on wiry arching inflorescences.   Miniature plant with large showy dark red boat shaped flowers –...

  • Lepanthes martineae

    Lepanthes martineae

    Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature 2 inch plant with paddle-shaped leaves - wiry pendent spikes produce large 3/4 inch wide open flowers.

  • Masdevallia asterotricha

    Masdevallia asterotricha

    Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature Soft yellow 1 1/2 inch flowers have pink blush in dorsal sepal - attractive open shape - 3 inch plant has dark green leaves - lovely.

  • Masdevallia decumana

    Masdevallia decumana

    Intermediate - Potted - Peru - Species - Mature Small plant is dwarfed by 2 ½ inch wide lilac blooms - the large flat flowers are speckled with purple - free flowering - spectacular miniature.

  • Mystacidium braybonae

    Mystacidium braybonae

     Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - South Africa - Species - Mature Short narrow olive green leaves on short stem - pendent inflorescences of sparkling white 3/4 inch flowers - strongly scented at night.

  • Mystacidium capense

    Mystacidium capense

     Warm - Mounted - South Africa - Species - Mature Numerous arching sprays of sparkling starry white flowers descend from base of miniature plant - delightfully scented blooms last up to four weeks - plants can make a stunning specimen.

  • Nageliella purpurea

    Nageliella purpurea

    Intermediate - Potted - Central America - Species - Blooming Size This little orchid has lovely, succulent, silvery leaves with a fine pattern and a long flower spike that it repeatedly blooms from. Its cupped, purple flowers are high above the plant at...

  • Neolauchia pulchella

    Neolauchia pulchella

    Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Brazil - Species - Mature (Isabellia) ½ inch pseudobulbs with 2 inch needle-like leaves - brilliant purple flowers on hair-like stems - blooms spring and fall grows quickly to specimen size.