Hybrid Orchids

  • Dendrobium Mini Snowflake

    Dendrobium Mini Snowflake

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Hybrid - Mature (aberrans x johnsoniae) clusters of long lasting white flowers are held above paired leaves on this attractive compact 9 inch plant - good grower and reliable bloomer. Latouria type Dendrobium, blooms twice...

  • Dracuvallia Memoria Maria Arcila

    Dracuvallia Memoria Maria Arcila

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Species Upright spikes on eight to ten inch plant hold large orange flowers a few inches above the leaf tops - center of flower is brushed with purple - pink lip - vigorous. Mature.

  • Masdevallia Auburn Hero

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Hybrid (veitchiana X hercules) a showy hybrid that exhibits fine qualities of both parents - large orange flowers have a purple hue in the center and are finely striped with dark purple - robust plants. Mature.

  • Masdevallia Flying Colors

    Masdevallia Flying Colors

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Hybrid (welischii X Copper Angel) - glowing orange flower has an overlay of red hairs - attractive 8 inch plant - a chance for some reds. Mature.

  • Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'

    Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird'

    Lovely blue-white flower and amazing fragrance, this vigorously growing orchid is great for beginners looking to branch out into new varieties and an excellent addition to any bright windowsill! Mature. Intermediate - Potted