• Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

    Bulbophyllum lasiochilum

    Warm - Potted or Mounted - Thailand - Species Dorsal sepal and petals are burgundy - laterals sepals are light yellow spotted with burgundy and curl forward to make a point - hairs on side lobe of lip add to interest - easy to grow. Mature.

  • Maxillaria tenuifolia

    Maxillaria tenuifolia

    Intermediate - Potted - Mexico - Species - Mature Dark red flowers have white lip speckled with red - 12 inch grassy leaves - fragrance of coconut - makes a beautiful specimen plant - needs bright light to flower.

  • Neolauchia pulchella

    Neolauchia pulchella

    Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Brazil - Species - Mature (Isabellia) ½ inch pseudobulbs with 2 inch needle-like leaves - brilliant purple flowers on hair-like stems - blooms spring and fall grows quickly to specimen size.

  • Phymatidium tillandsioides

    Phymatidium tillandsioides

    Intermediate - Mounted - Brazil - Species - Mature Light green tufts of foliage resemble Tillandsia plants - spikes of intricate white flowers extend well beyond the delicate leaves - a miniaturist's delight.

  • Pleurothallis adeleae

    Pleurothallis adeleae

    Intermediate to Cool - Potted - Ecuador - Species - Mature Up to four large red flowers dangle from the base of the elongated heart shaped leaf - the lateral sepals are fused and resemble a parachute - mature plants may reach 15 inches.

  • Polystachya valentina

    Polystachya valentina

    Intermediate - Potted - Zimbabwe - Species - Mature Long lasting, upside down, pink, fuzzy flowers. Successively flowering inflorescence, blooms through the summer. Compact plant.

  • Sophronitella violacea

    Sophronitella violacea

    Intermediate - Potted - Brazil - Species - Mature Brilliant, rose-violet, 3/4 inch flowers bloom twice a year on 2 inch plants - each slender pseudobulb has one rough textured leaf.

  • Sophronitis cernua

    Sophronitis cernua

    Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Brazil - SpeciesClusters of 3/4 inch, red-orange flowers with purple wings on the column, bloom from small rounded pseudobulbs - thick, tough, oval leaves - easy to grow. Mature

  • Tuberolabium kotoense

    Tuberolabium kotoense

    Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Taiwan - Species - Mature Lovely monopodial with fleshy light green leaves - plants bear pendant inflorescences with waxy white flowers in a spiral arrangement - each bloom has a sparkling surface set off by a purple...

  • Zygostates alleniana

    Zygostates alleniana

    Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Brazil - Species - Blooming Size Tufted plants with light gray green foliage - masses of white flowers with green center cover the plants when in bloom - spectacular micro-mini - blooming size seedlings