What to look for in a Dracula lotax.

What to look for in a Dracula lotax.

Hi everybody! This post is to help people distinguish and look for new growths, spikes, and roots.

Here is a photo of the dracula lotax.

Below you can see that the flower spike and root are very similar except that new growths and spikes will always have a sheath near the base, while roots are smooth. In Draculas, the new growths, spikes, and roots all come from the base of the plant. As the spike grows, it'll climb and bloom upwards.

Below is a picture of a Dracula carlueri currently in spike. Note how the spikes come out the base and keep growing downwards. Unlike the lotax, most Draculas have spikes that grow and bloom downwards, so it's important to grow them either mounted or in net-pots if you want the flowers.

Please note, though, that only a Dracula lotax is capable of surviving in household temperatures and humidity! Other Draculas need exceptionally high humidity and cool temperatures to thrive.