This year, we're hosting a Virtual Orchid Show on April 11, 2020

To participate please email with a list of 10 entries, of which only one can be a display of orchid plants

Once you get your entry number, please take a photo of your plant with the entry number and its name, and for a display just the entry number. We'll then pass the entries on to the judges, so please keep them relatively anonymous.

We'll also have three prizes for the best plants and display: Best Bloom in Show gets a personalized, autographed copy of Marc Hachadourian's book, Orchid Modern; Best Specimen and Best Display will each receive a $30 gift certificate.


Awarded Plants


Thank you to all the exhibitors. Best Flower and Display in show were awarded to Sergey and Elena Skoropad, and Best Specimen to Mark Kronenberg and Lydia Pan.