Winter and Anniversary Sale

Our Winter Sale this year coincides with our 4 year anniversary of moving to Connecticut and rebuilding J&L. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do anything fancy, but we’re offering UPS shipping and appointments to our greenhouse from 16 to 24 January for the sale.

We’re also looking into grouping order deliveries based on local societies, for people not comfortable with having their orders shipped, or for those who want blooming orchid plants. So, if you want to ask your society members to coordinate deliveries, please let us know!


Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re offering a discount of 20% off blooming orchids for all front-line medical professionals and first responders, using the code*: FRONTLINEWORKER

Otherwise, we’re delivering within 25 miles of the greenhouse, and have set up a site specifically for blooming plants and arrangements here. We can make custom arrangements as well, with a list of blooming plants available at the link below.

Blooming Orchid Shop


Northern New Jersey Delivery

For all those in the North Jersey area, we are looking to see if enough people would like to order plants to be delivered on Sat. 30 January. We'll also be delivering orders from Orchidphile ( then as well.

For more info, check the Delivery page.


Winter Virtual Show

We’re well aware that even if there aren’t any shows, our plants are still blooming, so we’ll be hosting a little virtual orchid show.

To participate, email us a photo of your plants currently in flower and proof of the date to (make sure there are no identifying details for the judging)

Winners of best specimen and best bloom will each get a $25 gift certificate, and exposition and judging will happen on Saturday 23 January.



* Regarding the discount to front-line medical professionals and first responders, please don’t abuse the discount; if we see that the coupon gets abused, we may have to turn it off early or ask for some specifics. Thank you!