Elite Offerings

Very Special Plants For The Discerning Grower

Our Elite Offerings are orchids that we consider to be the creme de la creme for the connoisseur grower.

Plants may be rare, or divisions of awarded or award quality material which is part of our permanent collection used as breeding stock. These orchids are limited and the offerings will change frequently. Due to the special and limited nature of the orchids on this list, no discount can be applied.

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Porroglossum muscosum 'J&L's Sunshine'

 Porroglossum muscosum 'J&L's Sunshine' - $50
unusual bright yellow large long-tailed form of this fascinating species.


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Zootrophion vulturiceps 'Kasey'

 Zootrophion vulturiceps 'Kasey' - $75
the pristine white floral display of this species is unique in a genus of predominately dark red - purple flowers - vigorous compact plant - six leaf blooming size keiki.


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Updated: 2/27/2017