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This item is a recent addition Psygmorchis pusilla - Warm - Mounted - Tropical Americas - $ 20
1.5 to 2 inch, flat, fan shaped leaves. Flowers are about 1 inch and bright yellow. Blooms 2 to three flowers per stem, successively. Likes warm, dry conditions. Commonly found in overgrown citrus groves in the wild as a twig epiphyte. Mature.

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Image of Stanhopea saccata

 Stanhopea saccata - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Central America - $ 25
Pendent inflorescences consist of one to a few flowers - each large creamy white blossom is suffused with orange near the center and lightly peppered with dark red - 4 inch open baskets. Blooming Size.

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 Cochleanthes amazonica - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - South America - $ 20
6 inch plants have fans of soft green leaves - large white flowers with purple stripes in the lip - light fragrance. Flowers last for months. Blooming Size.

Image of Cochleanthes amazonica
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This item is a recent addition Dendrochilum warenii - Intermediate - Mounted - Philippines - $ 25
Late winter to early spring bloomer, climbing plant with small, narrow pseudobulbs and a single grass like leaf. Bright white flowers open wide, with a showy, feathery effect. New to cultivation Mature.

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Image of Aerangis citrata

This item is a recent addition Aerangis citrata - Warm - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
¾ inch waxy ivory flowers are densely packed on graceful downward arching spikes - attractive glossy leaves - fabulous citrus fragrance. Near Blooming Size.

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 Aerangis fastuosa - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
Small phalaenopsis like plant with round olive green leaves - large white flowers with fabulous night fragrance - a very attractive minature. Blooming Size.

Image of Aerangis fastuosa
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This item is a recent addition Holcoglossum nujiangense - Intermediate - Mounted - China - $ 25
Compact plant with terete leaves, one to five flowers on a short inflorescence. Showy, with red and yellow accents on an otherwise white flower. Mature.

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Image of Mystacidium braybonae

This item is a recent addition Mystacidium braybonae - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - South Africa - $ 30
Short narrow olive green leaves on short stem - pendent inflorescences of sparkling white ¾ inch flowers - strongly scented at night - long roots aid with photosynthesis. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Mystacidium capense - Warm - Mounted - South Africa - $ 25
Numerous arching sprays of sparkling starry white flowers descend from base of miniature plant - delightfully scented blooms last up to four weeks - plants can make a stunning specimen - long roots aid in photosynthesis. Mature.

Image of Mystacidium capense
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Image of Ceratochilus biglandulosus

This item is a recent addition Ceratochilus biglandulosus - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - Java - $ 25
1 to 2 inch stems with short narrow alternating leaves - large white flowers with bright green center are longlasting - spring and fall bloomer - very showy miniature - mounted on cork. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Cleisostoma arietinum - Warm - Mounted - Southeast Asia - $ 25
Tubular leaves in a vandaceous structure with branched sprays of small, pink and green flowers. Unique plant habit makes this extremely attractive to grow. Mature.

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 Dyakia hendersoniana - Warm - Potted - Borneo - $ 30
SPIKES JUST STARTING - formerly known as Ascocentrum, this showy miniature has alternating horizontal gray green leaves on a central stem, and upright stems of bright pink flowers - each flower is accented by a contrasting white lip. Mature.

Image of Dyakia hendersoniana
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Image of Haraella retrocalla

This item is a recent addition Haraella retrocalla - Intermediate - Potted or Mounted - Taiwan - $ 20
IN BUD! Insect-like heavy textured yellow flowers are accented by a deep garnet blotch at the center of a large fringed lip - 2 inch plant blooms sequentially several times a year - sweet fragrance. Mature.

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 Holcoglossum kimballiana - Intermediate to Warm - in Net Pots - Thailand - $ 35
Snow white sepals and petals are offset by a bright pink lip - several showy flowers are carried on each inflorescence - attractive terete leaved plant with ladder-like growth - well established, vigorous plants. Mature.

Image of Holcoglossum kimballiana
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Image of Neofinetia falcata

 Neofinetia falcata - Intermediate - Potted - Japan - $ 25
Growth habit is a miniature version of a strap leaf vanda - plant variable in size up to 6 inches - inflorescence bears five or six crystalline white spurred flowers - lovely strong fragrance. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Pteroceras semi-teretifolia - Warm to Intermediate - Mounted - Vietnam - $ 25
Small grey green terete leaves on a tiny plant form a hand like shape - large showy white flowers. Pleasant fragrance - mounted on cork. Mature.

Image of Pteroceras semi-teretifolia
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This item is a recent addition Sarcochilus ceciliae - Cool - Potted - Australia - $ 27
This extra miniature vandaceous orchid has a striking contrast between its succulent, mottled leaves and its bright pink flowers floating above the leaves. Native to Australia, this rock growing orchid will want bright diffuse light and air movement. Mature.

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Image of Schoenorchis fragrans

 Schoenorchis fragrans - Intermediate to Warm - Mounted - India - $ 25
Short sprays of 1/3 inch crystalline pink flowers descend from 1 inch plant - very sweet and showy - one of the best - newly mounted. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Schoenorchis scolopendria - Intermediate - Mounted - Vietnam - $ 30
Dense imbricating foliage creeps along the mount - bright purple-pink flowers bloom in spring - freshly mounted plants. Mature.

Image of Schoenorchis scolopendria
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Image of Sedirea japonica

This item is a recent addition Sedirea japonica - Intermediate - Potted - Japan - $ 25
Resembles a small phalaenopsis plant - flower spikes carry up to eight ivory flowers barred and spotted with fuschia - strong delightful fragrance - spring bloomer. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Stereochilus dalatensis - Intermediate - Mounted - Vietnam - $ 25
Terete leaves with ladder-like growth habit on small 2 inch plants - short inflorescence has three to four white flowers with dark lavender lip - attractive plant and showy brightly colored flowers make this a very desireable miniature. Mature.

Image of Stereochilus dalatensis
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Image of Angraecum didieri

 Angraecum didieri - Intermediate - Potted - Madagascar - $ 20
Large starry white flower with a long spur and a spade shaped lip dwarfs the dark green stiff leaves on this 2 inch miniature - night fragrant. Mature.

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 Angraecum magdalenae - Intermediate - in Net Pots - Madagascar - $ 20
Large, white flower and night fragrant. Thick, olive green leaves have a light texturing start folded at their base and open flat. 2 inch pots. Seedling.

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 Corybas geminigibbus - Intermediate - Potted - Malaysia - $ 25
Lovely little terrestrial with three tubers per pot. It's grown in a fine mix of sphagnum, fern, and gravel. It has beautifully patterned leaves and a large flower for its size. A nice challenge for the grower looking for something new! Goes dormant for the winter as tubers and re-emerges in the late spring. Unsprouted Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Habenaria carnea - Intermediate to Warm - Potted - Thailand - $ 25
This terrestrial has stunning olive green leaves which are spotted and striped with sparkling silver. Showy, light pink flowers bloom in the fall on straight inflorescences held well above the foliage. It goes dormant after flowering, into a winter rest, where it should be kept dry until spring. Mature.

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This item is a recent addition Ludisia discolor - Warm to Intermediate - Potted - Southeast Asia - $ 20
The typical form of this lovely easy to grow terrestrial Jewel Orchid- dark velvety leaved are veined in bright pink. Mature.

Image of Ludisia discolor
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 Eltroplectrus calcarata - Warm - Potted - Tropical Americas - $ 18
Shiny green blade shaped leaves - compact terresterial maintains its leaves year round - white starry flowers with dark green center - easy and unusual. Mature.

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Updated: 8/1/2017